Thursday, May 31, 2007


Oozey has had company all week. Her cousin Kujo is staying with us while Philip and Angela are on vacation. After a few days of growling, the 2 kitties are having a ball chasing each other around the house and seeing who can fill the litterbox first. Oozey still isn't crazy about Kujo cutting in on her snuggle time in the morning. Here she is preparing to pounce the unsuspecting Kujo. Note the flat ears...a dead giveaway:

As if one playmate wasn't enough, Ginger came by for a day. They love to chase each other around the house...Oozey turns her into a spaz. Ginger runs around the couches as Oozey jumps over them and pounces from above.

Maybe by the end of the week the Ooze will be too tired to scratch the furniture...


Friday, May 25, 2007


Hannah and I went to ride Scout and Lily with Rachael last night. Rachael rode Scout. I rode Scout. He was fine. So Hannah hops on. He was fine. Then Rachael and Hannah take the horses out of the ring for a turn around the yard. I heard hoofbeats, someone yell "WHOA," and looked up just in time to see Hannah hit the ground. Rachael called Mike, who came and put a splint on her wrist. I flew home to get her insurance card. Then we headed for the emergency room, where Mrs. Pam and Mr. David were waiting for us. They took her right back for X-rays, while we sat in the emergency room. So we sat there, fielding phone calls from our worried parents, watching dumb movies, and trying to tune out the people playing Indian music right behind us. 4 hours later, we found out that her wrist and her tailbone were fractured. They shot her full of pain medicine, wrapped her wrist, and sent her home. The nurse did say that Mike did an excellent job on the splint. All the excitement and stress had made us we swung into McDonald's on the way home.

I got to bed around 2:30...then was too tired to sleep. I did manage to sleep a few hours before I got up to help Hannah get ready for work. She's a lot more dedicated than I am. I don't even know how I got to work this morning. I called John and left him a message as I drove to work. Just thought he should be in the loop. I really need a nap. And maybe some chocolate...


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

last dance

They drug the "Dancing with the Stars" finale out for 2 hours. Apolo and Julianne won, and I'm OK with that. I was hoping Cheryl would get a 3-peat, but it wasn't meant to be. To tell the truth, I've actually been way more interested in "DWTS" than in "American Idol." It's a good thing May sweeps are almost over. I may be ready for a TV break. (wow...even I didn't believe that...)


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cameron Crazies

We spent Saturday in Cameron, finding all kinds of fun things to get in to. To those of you you were unable to make it due to the Bermuda Triangle of Activity (that's the name Martha and I made up for the phenomena that occurs when every possible fun activity falls on the same day), we missed you. Good thing we're planning to go back...

On to the foolishness:

Lydia scrambles back to her seat after setting the timer on her camera. We did manage to get a semi-group shot...we're just missing the other half of the group...

Sleeping Beauty has a little trouble staying away from the super-sized spinning wheel:

Hannah stumbles upon some wooden shoes that fit her feet. I think she secretly wants them for her birthday...

Lisa and Lydia find some hats that J & B might need in their new home:

So that's about it. Well...that will have to be it, because that's all of the pictures I took.

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Monday, May 14, 2007


Anyone know a good hardwood floor installer/finisher? I need to get some quotes and get one scheduled ASAP. I spent an hour this morning going (with an open mind) to look at the prefinished stuff. I didn't want it, but it was less, so I thought "what could it hurt to look?" After looking, I decided to take the advice pretty much everybody: pay a little more and put down the higher quality stuff, since it's my plan to live in this house for a long long long long time. Since floor guys seem to schedule way out in advance, we're now behind on getting I'm trying to find someone quick...but will still do a good job.

Other than that (which has taken up most of my day) nothing much going on...


Thursday, May 10, 2007


I tossed and turned all night. I was completely exhausted and ready for bed at I went on to bed. As soon as I turned the light off, I was wide awake. So I finished one of the cheesy books we bought for a dollar in Wilmington. I turned the light off. Wide awake again. So I just lay there. And lay there. And lay there. I finally got up this morning around 7:15. 7:15. I NEVER voluntarily get up that early. I guess it was a combination of eating too much too late at night (but it really was the best plate of Santa Fe Nachos EVER), and having too much on my mind. I'm trying not to worry over stuff...since 90% of it is out of my control anyway. I guess I just feel like I'm out of control...and that bothers me...


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

sealing the deal

My cousin Burt (or Burt Burt, as some of you know him) FINALLY proposed to Laura. More importantly, she said yes! We all couldn't be more thrilled. Laura is an awesome addition to our family. Now we just need to get them to move down here after they get married...


Monday, May 07, 2007

lip lock

So Hannah and I went to see Spider-man 3 Friday night. It was a sold out theater, and the manager came in and made the "everyone please move to the center to make room for others" announcement. This left one seat between me and the aisle. About 10 minutes in, a very nice looking black lady came in and sat down. No big deal. At least, it wasn't a big deal until Spider-man saved the police chief's daughter, and they had a big party to give Spider-man the key to the city. He swung in and hung upside down next to her. The crowd screamed for him to kiss her. She reached to pull his mask up, and the lady next to me screamed (and I when I say screamed, I mean she SCREAMED):

"WHOOOOAA! Don't do it Spider-man, she ain't Mary Jane!"

We held it together through the rest of the movie...but on the way home we laughed until we cried. It was worth the $8 just for that moment. Get Hannah to re-enact it when you see her. She does it the best.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


For some reason I feel obliged to update this thing on Thursdays. I sure wish I had something interesting to report. I met with my builder for an hour discussing trim and wainscoting and interior doors. He thinks I'm being ridiculous because I want my house to look like old houses. I have a headache. I'm pretty sure it's sinus related. I need to go find some drugs. Is it Friday yet?

So I leave you with the immortal words of Ronald Reagan: "They say hard work never hurt anybody, but I figure why take the chance."