Thursday, March 24, 2011

goat fight

I noted on Facebook two days ago that I had inadvertently started a goat fight.

Every night when I go out to water my new blueberry bushes (which ALL have leaves sprouting *high fives*), my neighbor's Friendly goat comes over to say hello. She's so I started giving her handfuls of nice green grass to much on while we visited. Two days ago, the Grumpy goat (who has previously avoided me like the plague), decided she wanted some grass too. An epic head-butting battle ensued, and I snuck back into the house before my neighbor could come out and laugh at me.

SO, when I went out last night to water the blueberry bushes (because I didn't check the weather report to see that it was going to rain ANYWAY), I grabbed my camera. As you can see, Friendly goat is waiting for me...but this time Grumpy is ready too. This fight isn't as's more of a disagreement.

It's still pretty cute:

The moral of the story is this: Those blueberry bushes have been in the ground for a month and ALL THREE are still alive (*high fives again*)!


Tuesday, March 08, 2011


A year ago today, I woke up to a gimpy foot. A lot has happened in a year:

- X-rays
- Prednisone
- Cortisone
- Air cast
- John & Rachael got married
- More prednisone
- Cornerstone Theater Productions did "Little Red Riding Hood"
- an MRI
- Took a fun trip to the beach with work friends for my boss' wedding
- More prednisone
- Spent Labor Day with some of my favorite people in the world
- Changed up my diet
- Physical Therapy
- Went to lots of Wolfpack football games
- Anti-inflammatory drugs galore
- Had a great Thanksgiving/Christmas
- Received 5 targeted steroid injections that seem to have fixed my foot. Mostly.
- I turned 31

So it's been a big year...medically speaking. After all of that, what I take away is this:

God is good.

He is in control. He has seen fit to allow this...and I think that, ultimately, I've never been better off. Because the big thing, the most important thing, is that He sent His son to take a punishment that I didn't deserve, so that I can be saved. He provided for a need that I had, before I even knew I had a need.

So I'll keep asking God to heal my foot. I'll stick to my new diet. I'll even keep taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

That's small stuff, when you think about it.