Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Anyone know what tomorrow is??? Anyone???
(Hint: Check the counter to the right over there...)

That's right my friends. This is the day that I wait for all year. College football is BACK! Kickoff is at 8:00 pm. In anticipation, I will be going around all day with an expression similar to this one:

Let's go Wolfpack!!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yikes! Has it been a month since I posted??? Sorry! I spent a week traveling and then I think I forgot that I had a blog. My apologies. Here's what happened...

Aunt Martha and Uncle Dan were heading to Ohio to visit Erin and Andrew. They graciously allowed me to accompany them. So I drove to VA, then we all left the next morning. It was a long drive, but definitely worth it. I finally got to see Erin's house, and meet her budgies! From left to right, that's Pasquale, Rogue, Nikko, and Mochi. It was amazing to see how they all have their own personalities. It makes for quite the drama.

As we were riding around Akron, we found my road! It was so nice of them to name a street after me. I felt honored.


Did I mention that Laura cooked for us? I mean, I thought she was great before...but I think we're quite blessed to have a celebrity chef in the family!

This barn is right beside Erin's neighborhood. I just loved it! On Monday, we went to a beautiful state park just 15 minutes from the house. Lots of bike trails and nature to admire, and there's even a train that runs from Peninsula (where we were) up to Akron and back. We didn't have time to take the train...maybe next time!

So that was Ohio. I'm thinking about purchasing a summer home there (On the first of August, it was 74 degrees and there was a cool breeze blowing). I had a great time, but after being away from home for 16 out of 21 days, I was glad to be back. I promise not to take so long to update this thing. Really...I do...

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