Wednesday, May 21, 2008

mega post

OK, OK...Let me just say that I've been a bad blogger. I haven't updated as frequently as I used to. There's really two reasons for that. The first is that I used to blog when I was bored at work. Since changing jobs, I'M BUSY ALL DAY. That's good for me...but I guess it's not so great for those of you who click over here looking for something random. The second reason is, when I'm home, I don't really think about updating the blog. I'm entirely too busy watching TV or sleeping. ANYWAY...Just wanted to give you a rundown of what's been going on with me. Let's see what's on my memory card and blogworthy...

Here's Hannah with her glass bottle of water. She found it when we were shopping at World Market one day. It tastes the same as regular bottled water...but what a great container! was from a few weeks ago. My friend Meredith from work and I went to a Hurricanes game. It was OK. The zambonis were the best part. I just don't get hockey. I keep waiting for 4th down to come up, but it never does. Oh well. At least we were next door to Carter-Finley...

Frank had a birthday. I would have given him his own post on the day...but I don't know what day he was born. Rachael found him in under a mattress in a burned-out house for goodness' sake! Anyway...happy first birthday, sweet boy! Please don't pee on anything while I'm typing...

Two weeks ago (we're catching up, I promise!), Hannah and I went to Cameron. We went upstairs in one store, and as I peeked around the corner, this mannequin scared the ever-loving crap out of me. Tell me that's not the creepiest thing you've ever seen in your life!

We also ran into Mike and Martha that day. Kinda funny. I guess great minds DO think alike.

Last week, the landscaper came. Hallelujah! I'm starting to feel like I live in a respectable home. It's going to look really good when the grass comes up. Shutters are next. They're being ordered in the next couple of days...then I just have to wait for the guy to have a free day to come put them on.

Finally, Burt Burt and his wife Laura came to visit from Chicago. They brought Laura's parents, Joan & Mike, and her brother Glenn and his wife Colleen. We had such a wonderful time visiting. On Friday, the girls headed to the mall. Colleen has my undying gratitude for helping me find a drink that I like at Starbucks. (Shirley's in this picture...but it wasn't great of her, so I just edited her out so she wouldn't fuss at me. I promise.)

Burt REALLY wanted to ride, so, since Lt. John is away playing Army, Rachael came over and saddled up Scout and Aari so our family could ride. She even led a few of the girls around to make sure everyone was safe.

We ended their visit with a traditional NC supper of eastern-style BBQ, coleslaw, collards, sweet potatoes, and fried corn bread. Mmmmm...

And for the record...that first picture is one I took in Charleston a few years ago. It has nothing to do with this post...I just like it.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'Liza Doolittle Day

Happy Twentieth of May! Hope it's "loverly!"


Sunday, May 11, 2008


So the challenge going around is to describe our mothers in one word. Let me think...

She's a "daughter" and "sister"...the youngest of five.

She was a she's "exuberant" and "encouraging." (And when she discovers that I've posted this picture, we might have to use "exasperated" or "wooden spoon wielder.")

She's my father's one and only. That brings up adjectives like "patient," "calming," and "gracious."

She's been known to be a "character."

She's a "Wolfpack fan" (which is synonymous with "fun")

She looks good in black, so I could say "classy"...but she also bought my lunch that I could say "generous."

She loves Jesus. That makes me think of "faithful," or "devoted," or "obedient." (It also makes me "blessed.")

She puts up with me and goes right on loving me anyway, so I could use "wonderful," "loving," or "awesome" (also see any words tied to being married to my father and insert them here).

So can I describe her in one word? Sure. Let's just use "Mine."

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Friday, May 09, 2008

secret mission

We've been planning this all week - well...when we weren't busy doing healthcare renewals and retirement plan enrollments.

Today at lunch, Meredith and I snuck over to our friend Charlie's house. He has this statue in his yard that fascinates us. Meredith calls it Medusa (it turns out that it's some version of Buddha, but that's really beside the point). It's certainly unusual, so OF COURSE we had to take our picture with it. I made her drive...since her purple Firebird is cooler and more secret-agent-like than the Escape.

We were able to get in and out without being spotted...but then we ran into Charlie at Smithfield's on the way back. It was all I could do not to laugh. I guess it's a good thing I'm not a secret agent. I'd give myself away every time.

(And for the record, can I just say that I hate the new Smithfield's logo? It doesn't go with the place at all.)

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Seriously though...go vote!


Sunday, May 04, 2008


I think I had the greatest Friday ever. My friend Meredith asked me to accompany her to the NC State/Campell baseball game. I felt bad for her. She's usually a Wolfpack fan...but with her alma mater involved, she just sat in the stands holding her State hat and Campbell jersey. Since my THIRD wolf was stolen off my car a few weeks ago, I stopped by Adams to get a new one.

We still had an hour to kill, so we decided to completely revert to our childhoods and hit Pullen Park. As it turns out, Meredith's granddaddy runs the boat ride, so he gave us free tickets to ride the train and the carousel. It's amazing how something so simple totally made my evening!

I got real excited when I found a critter that looked like Frank. This one smells better:

The baseball game was a lot of fun. I had some lemonade, tried Dippin' Dots for the first time (so I WAS missing out - they're really good!), and found a cute Wolfpack shirt on sale.

After the game, we visited another friend of ours, then ended up exploding Mentos in Diet Coke in Meredith's yard. I stayed out entirely too late...but it was just too much fun!

To top it all off, when I got home, Hannah had redecorated the downstairs guest bathroom. This is reason #256 why she's the greatest roommate of all time:

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