Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have a sinus infection. I spent my weekend with a Z-pack and the cough syrup that has hydrocodone in it. Here is a list of what happened while I was "medicated":

1. Put my pajamas on inside out and didn't notice until I changed out of them the next day.

2. Wondered if I could be the exception to the "no operating heavy machinery" clause on the side of the bottle.

3. Hummed the theme song from Roswell for an hour.

4. Decided to re-watch Roswell.

5. Got 2 episodes into Roswell and realized I'd actually been humming the theme to Firefly instead.

6. Marveled that the PA that prescribed my meds looked just like Vincent from Beauty and the Beast.

7. Worried that I watch too much TV...while watching TV.

8. Slept 12 hours.

9. Woke up, made toast, went back to bed.

10. Slept an hour, woke up, made toast, experienced deja'vu.

11. Was convinced that my sheep pajamas were mad at me because I hadn't worn them in a week.

12. Worried that Shirley was going to come take my medicine away. Or maybe Rachael.

So that was my weekend. I'm mostly better now.